This is my course materials website where I am in the process of posting all of the materials for the psychology courses I teach. You might be interested in browsing the course materials if you are:

  • a new instructor looking for textbook recommendations and sample course materials
  • an experienced instructor who has been assigned a new course to prepare
  • a student trying to decide whether you are interested in psychology
  • a student trying to decide what psychology courses to take
  • a student looking for study materials for a course you are already taking
  • a student looking for resources and links for class presentations or papers
  • someone who wants study the course material on their without actually enrolling in a course

The course material for each course is divided into 18 segments, each of which is described in detail on this website. I teach courses at Miami University on a variety of schedules, and for a particular course the 18 segments of this course might be spread across 18 days, 6 weeks, or 15 weeks. The web address www.18days.info is a sentimental nod to my alma mater Cornell College. Cornell College operates on a one-course-at-a-time (OCAAT) model where all classes are 18 days, and to me, regardless of the actual course schedule, 18 segments for a course just about perfectly covers the course content.

Each segment contains three sections. These sections have different names depending on the course. The first section contains the reading assignment for the section. The second section contains more advanced questions that meant to model the way that psychologists think. The last section contains movie titles, links to news events, and other items that connect the information from the chapter to locations outside the course and in the students’ world.

To current students: Until I am sure a particular course site is fully compliant with accessibility standards, I will copy the relevant materials over to our LMS (Niihka). You are welcome to browse the site to look ahead, etc., though.

As you go through the course materials, if you have any suggestions, let me know! I’m still looking for more links for each section, particularly New York Times articles, video clips (but only from the site that owns the copyright, no illegal YouTube videos), and websites dedicated to topics (ex. The Freud Museum).