The Basics

  • Read only the perception sections of Chapter 2

The Buzz

  • Explain the difference between sensation and perception.
  • Explain how bottom-up and top-down processing are involved in perception.
  • Discuss the perceptual organization processes. For each, explain how your perception of the world would be different if that process did not work properly.
  • Explain what synesthesia is and how it is related to non-synesthetes’ everyday experience.

The World (extra links to go beyond the class material!)


  • TED Talk: Luca Turin on The Science of Scent



  • BBC McGurk Effect featuring Laurence Rosenblum


  • 3D Sidewalk Art
  • Even Better 3D Sidewalk Art
  • Mind Lab [This is an interactive website with video and demos. There are four sections, including a section on how we perceive 3D from the 2D input from our retinas.]
  • TED Talk: Al Seckel on Powerful Visual Illusions
  • TED Talk: Beau Lotto on Optical Illusions Show Us How We See
  • TED Talk: Rob Legato on The Art of Creating Awe
  • TED Talk: Pawan Sinha on How Brains Learn to See


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