The Basics

  • Read Chapter 9

The Buzz

  • Describe the design features of language.
  • Can non-human animals use language?
  • Describe the levels at which language ca be analyzed.
  • Describe the process of speech production.
  • Compare and contrast the theories of speech perception.

The World (extra links to go beyond the class material!)

  • Project Nim
  • TED Talk: Deb Roy on The Birth of a Word
  • TED Talk: Patricia Kuhl on The Linguistic Genius of Babies
  • TED Talk: Steven Pinker on What Our Language Habits Reveal
  • TED Talk: Murray Gell-Mann on The Ancestor of Languages
  • TED Talk: Mark Pagel on How Language Transformed Humanity
  • TED Talk: James Geary, Metaphorically Speaking
  • TED Talk: Denise Herzing: Could we speak the language of dolphins?
  • TED Talk: Mark Forsyth on What’s a Snollgoster? A Short Lesson in Political Speak


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