1. Chapter 1: Dogs in historical perspective, and conceptual issues of the study of their behavior in Miklosi, A. ( 2007). Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc.
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Explore (extra links to go beyond the class material!)

This is where you will find movie titles, links to news events, and other items that connect the information from the section to applied settings. I often show one of the shorter videos in class. If you are interested in the videos or books, I have linked to the Amazon entry so you can get the ISBN and other information you might need to check your local library to see if they have it in their collection (and thus you could watch or read for free!).

People often ask what resources I would recommend checking out for their own dog, not necessarily related to class. Here are some that I like:

  • Speaking for Spot [This is a great book on how to navigate vet appointments and make health decisions for your dog.]
  • Training Tracks [This is where I take my own dogs to puppy class. Training Tracks also offers individual consultations. They use all positive training methods.]
  • UCANN [Spay or neuter! This is a low-cost option if you cannot afford to spay or neuter at the vet. The last time I checked, cats were $35 and dogs were under $100. My last dog was around $350 to spay at the vet, so this is a good deal. They also offer discount microchipping, heartworm tests, and some vaccines.]

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